Brenda Joyce’s Francesca Cahill Novels, Part Two

This series is one of the best saga-romances I have ever read.  Rich with character, beautifully written protagonists, and frought with action, I am so pleased to have stumbled on to the Cahill franchise.

Deadly Kisses | Brenda Joyce

Along with our heroine amateur sleuth cum reformer, Francesca Cahill we fall in love, solve crimes, and in general assist in the many family and friend dramas.

The crimes occurring in turn of the century Gotham demonstrate the strong disparity of wealth our (my) country was built on, exposing the very real dangers of early urban life.

And the characters are so real, so wonderfully portrayed, that they resonate with the reader.  It is an eternal struggle for a writer to paint characters that are multi-dimensional, not flat, and Joyce succeeds beautifully on this score.

Whether you can read one or all of the Cahill novels, you won’t be disappointed by the hist-ro conventions twisted on their ear to provide an exciting, thrilling read.

Having said that, I am disappointed that Joyce’s publisher will not release the final book in the series.  I have included an open letter Joyce has on her website to inspire folks to leave comments here urging Harlequin to publish the final chapter.  If I receive enough comments (as sort of a petition), I will forward on with a letter to the publisher encouraging them to publish the last in the Deadly Series.

Dear Readers,

I would like to thank all of you who have emailed me in the past couple of years inquiring about The Deadly Series. Your support and enthusiasm for the series is overwhelming, and after two years, I’m sad to say that there still is no Deadly in the works. My publisher is simply not interested in publishing the final book at this time. I have repeatedly asked them if I can conclude the series for my readers, but their answer has been “wait”.

I realize that a majority of my readers do not know that I don’t get to write whatever I choose, but what they request I write. My publisher needs to make a profit from their authors and The Deadly Series didn’t sell like my other novels do. I recently spoke to my agent about concluding the series online, but since I do not own the final book, my publisher does, my agent said I could not. So that being said, I do not know when or if there will be a conclusion to the series. My focus now, at the publisher’s request, is historical (The de Warenne Dynasty) and paranormal romance (The Masters Of Time™), both very hot genres in the market right now.

Please understand that I share your frustration and anger with each email I receive. When I announced after Deadly Kisses that I was taking a break from series for a while, I had every intention of finishing this series. I’m saddened that the characters and the readers have been left in limbo. If you wish to voice your concerns with Harlequin, I’m including the email address for their public relations department and also the mailing address for Dianne Moggy – Editor of HQN & Mira below.

Once again I thank you for your continuing and tremendous support of my work. I appreciate it and I also hope that one day Francesca can reappear as I miss her too.


Brenda Joyce

Ms. Dianne Moggy
c/o of Harlequin Enterprises
225 Duncan Mill Road
Don Mills, ON, M3B 3K9

Email to:

8 thoughts on “Brenda Joyce’s Francesca Cahill Novels, Part Two

  1. Please, please give us the last book…..Its been too long…just finish it already! I really loved this series as the heroine in a romance story is smart! Not enough of those out there! Plus I would love to finally find out what happens with Bragg and his wife and the missing painting and her brother! You’ve just left us hanging!

  2. I have written several letters to her website. All explaining my disappointment in the series having no resolution. Such vivid wonderful characters that drew me to read her other books has no ending. I can’t seem to understand their reasoning. If book sales were bad, it probably had something to do with the quick turnaround of the books. I had never seen so many books come out within months of another. But I eagerly snatched them up. And I always made sure that I put the front of the books on the top shelves so others might spy them.

    😦 I want to read Fran’s story. And I want to see Evan and Maggie get together.

  3. Did you hear that Mira picked up the Deadly Series and the next book will be out in March 2011? Not that much longer. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i love this series so much
    i am so happy they are coming out again

    but i heard they might axe the project if there is not enough enthusiasm

    so spread the news and get all your friends excited!!!!!

  5. I have been waiting so long for the next book in the deadly. Everytime I see a new book in the masters of time series I am so disappointed. I cannot get into that series at all. I bought one book and read 3 pages. Not my cup of tea. I love historical novels and contemporary romances (but not as much).
    It will just be nice to have closure on the series: Fran and Calder, Evan and Maggie.

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