Brenda Joyce’s Deadly Series: Francesca Cahill Novels Part One

I fell in love a few days ago.  And much to my surprise, it wasn’t a Regency and it wasn’t set in England.

It all started with a desperate purchase at my local independent bookseller.  I was dangerously low on reading materials, and ready to pack up on a Mother’s Day trip with Mom for a few days (husband, be gone!).  With nine million other things to do, I grabbed Brenda Joyce’s Deadly Pleasure without really reading the back.

Deadly Pleasure | Brenda Joyce

Snuggling into an unusually empty bed, I comforted myself by cracking open a new book.

Ew!  I thought.  Set in New York?!  In 1902?  Egads!  This ought to be a snore.

And then suddenly, I was transported.

Several hours later, my eyes started to droop.

I realized I had almost finished Deadly Pleasure.

Ravenous for more of the intrepid heroine Francesca Cahill, amateur sleuth, reformer and heiress, I peeled the books of the shelves at a small bookstore in the sleepy coastal vacation town.

Of course, I couldn’t find the next one in the series.  But still, I plugged on.

And once again, stayed up into the wee hours immersed in the gritty adventures of Miss Cahill.

Back from vacation, I cracked open my last Deadly book, burning the midnight oil after hunkering down next to my delicately snoring husband back from outdoor bro-mance adventures (distance, making my heart grow fonder, found it endearing that night).

The next morning, I realized I had an addiction.  And I needed a fix.  Badly.

But no luck on Better Than Chocolate Books.  No luck at my local independent booksellers.

In disguise, I slinked into the nearby Blarnes and Lowble.

Drat!  Not even there?

And so now, I will wait patiently by the mailbox for my three separate packages to arrive from so that I may give you a thorough run down of the series.

But trust me, you will want to start now on your search for the Cahill series if you prefer to read chronologically.

And although Edwardian American, this is one series that will sink its teeth into you (and vice versa).  Suspense, romance, a rake, a fabulous heroine….

I can’t wait to share more!

6 thoughts on “Brenda Joyce’s Deadly Series: Francesca Cahill Novels Part One

  1. I fell for this series as well. I went to her website to see when the next book will be coming out only to find out that her publisher may not ever publish it. It would be the final book and the end of the story and we may never see it 😦

  2. I love these books and I must admit it’s the only series of hers that I like and have read. She just anounced that she will have the final book out in 2008. In the News section of her webiste:

    an online radio interview with Jackie Foreman discussing Dark Lover and The Rose Trilogy, Brenda Joyce announced that the next book in the Deadly Series is tentatively scheduled for 2011. Listen to the radio interview here


  3. I love the Deadly series, and have read it several times, because the characters just keep me intrigued! I am so excited that another book will be published. I’ll buy all three just to keep the series going!

  4. i think i first read this book in 2001. and i can honestly tell you that among a million of books that i have read; deadly series was in my top 3 picks of all time fav read/s. i was hooked, lined and sinked.( lolx)

    which was why i was utterly devastated when i was informed that she wasn’t planning to continue the series.(wtf!!!!!!!!!!)

    in fact i was so mad, i boycotted all of brenda joyce’s books thereafter. i didn’t read nor did i buy any one of her latest books. i mean as a reader, who has been a faithful follower of all her books in (the deadly series at least), wouldn’t you feel betrayed and angered if out of the blue one of your fav author tells you that her publisher has decided to drop the line and has no plans to make any more books in the future!!!? i mean come on, at least conclude the ending and dont leave us readers hanging!!!!

    in any case, im glad that she is continuing the book. i have no idea if its the last book or if she is planning on writing more that a few books. but for the sake of my sanity, i hope she concludes the book and just end it at there. i dont think my heart can take it if she plans to write another book and have it published in 2016.

  5. I love the deadly series, can’t get enough, now I have to wait till 2011. I wanted to know if I missed a book .the one where Calder is accused of his fathers murder WOULD LOVE THAT BOOK. is there a book on that.

  6. I am so pleased that the deadly series will continue on, as brenda has advice we need more followers so that we can keep the series alive I am also addicted to her novels this deadly series keeps you in suspense you just don’t know what to expect I think she is such a great author and we need to support her in spreading the word out to our friends relatives to read and become addicted as we all have:)

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