Jenna Petersen: Scandalous

A delicious tribute to the follies of first impressions is Jenna Petersen’s Scandalous.  Fast paced and fun, with great heroine and hero, readers of hist-ro will enjoy this easy read.

A devil’s pact brings the unlikely couple together, yet slowly they learn that love and passion can co-exist with trust and honesty.  There are the typical deep dark secrets to wade through, but some atypical scenes make this a refreshing journey through pride and prejudice.

I love Jenna’s men the most…somehow she has a unique insight into the male psyche that makes her heroes believable and lovable.  Dominic is no exception, as sweet as his older brother is rotten.  Although at times his hurt may seem a bit overblown, its not unimaginable to picture a man deeply depressed by circumstances of his birth that he cannot change nor overcome.

The heroine also has an interesting story, and is a feisty match.  Her backstory is as compelling, and I love that at the end of the day no one wins the internal pity party…but instead they learn that together they can cope.  How like life!

Great action, great love scenes, all around a great read!

“Katherine Fleming has lived her life without even a hint of indiscretion. So she is devastated to discover the nobleman she’s engaged to has a secret he’s kept from her: a wife! Suddenly Katherine’s enmeshed in a scandal that has the ton buzzing–and forced to accept a most unconventional proposal from the notorious seducer Dominic Mallory, her faithless fiancé’s brother…and precisely the sort of rake she has sworn to avoid!

Charming and dangerously sensual, Dominic has desired the stunning beauty from the first moment he spied her. Now, with Katherine’s reputation in tatters, it’s the ideal opportunity to bed her–though it will take wedding vows to do so. But can a rogue be reformed by the unleashed passion of a normally reserved lady? And can a marriage made for all the wrong reasons flame into the love match of the season?”


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