Robyn DeHart

A Study in Scandal by Robyn DeHart

As sometimes is wont to happen when one purchases their hist-ro used, I read the third book of this series before coming upon the first in the series, A Study in Scandal.  In our introduction to the late Victorian Ladies Amateur Sleuth Society, our heroine is the Society’s founder and Sherlock Holmes devotee Lady Amelia Watersfield.

Convinced she is too ordinary to attract a good match, Amelia has instead been a steadfast companion to her Egyptian antiquities loving father.  To add a dash of excitement to her self-proclaimed ordinary existence, she decides that solving mysteries is a good supplement to the Society’s regular meeting talks about Inspector Holmes.

But when her father’s priceless statue is snatch, in walks her very own Sherlock…Only he’s really rather arrogant and grumpy.  Amelia, who is by nature cheerful and well liked, can’t understand why her Inspector Brindley won’t smile…not even once.

With no choice but to let the meddlesome Lady Amelia help (if only to protect her from herself…and her interference), Colin Brindley finds his happy solitude disturbed by the neccessary evil case for Lord Watersfield.  Formerly of the Scotland Yard, what he really wants to hole himself away to complete his research.  But suddenly, once he lets the breath-of-fresh-air-ala-Amelia in, he decides that he really rather likes breathing non-fusty air.

Mystery makes a light and charming backdrop to this story of unlikely love.

There is something refreshing and delightful about this book, found particularly in the passages when the women meet.  It gets rather tedious always reading exposition in monologue, and DeHart’s ability to allow her characters some space makes it an enjoyable read.

Definitely pick up this one first, as it will give you a better taste and liking for Willow’s story, Tempted at Every Turn.

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