Michelle Marcos: When a Lady Misbehaves

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For some reason, this book misbehaved and fell apart.  But still, I managed to give it the obligatory second read through before posting my thoughts.

Here is the plot ala the back “AN EROTIC SECRET
As a maid at The Pleasure Emporium, Miss April Jardine has witnessed her share of sinful acts, but nothing as brazen as her own money-making scheme. By blackmailing the gentlemen named in the Madame’s private diaries, April can escape a life of drudgery—as long as she avoids the hangman’s noose. All goes swimmingly until she crosses paths with Lord Blackheath, the most powerful judge in England. His wicked gaze suggests he is torn between exposing April and seducing her—and April is only too pleased to oblige.

Blackheath has no doubt that the alluring firebrand could cripple his family’s finances and reputation with the bat of an eyelash. And yet…April outshines every dull Society belle he’s ever known, and nothing compares to the sensual bliss they share. But trusting this scheming Miss could cost him everything. Will he ever be able to welcome her into his home—and his heart?”

The first (debut novel) in her Pleasure Emporium series, When a Lady Misbehaves introduces us to heroine April Jardine, the brothel’s scullery maid.

I tend to actually like reading about unlikely matches.  But when she is paired with a Duke, well the fantasy runs a bit thin for me.

The writing is good for a first novel…having read debuts of some of my faves, I know to expect a lack of Town bronze, so to speak.  And I really do think that Marcos is worthy of exploring further.

But this book just doesn’t do it for me.  I think because I don’t really like the heroine.  I find her to be a whiner rather than a fighter, which I believe was Marcos’ intention.  Instead of daring, she seems, well, dumb?

The character arc is overly sentimental and sappy, and I groan rather than sigh at the end.

The love scenes are pretty good, though.

Give this new author a try, but maybe reach for her more recent.

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