Liz Carlyle: A Woman Scorned and A Woman of Virtue

A Woman ScornedA Woman of Virtue

I don’t know if these are an official couplet or series, but let us call A Woman Scorned and A Woman of Virtue the Woman Series.  Although set a few years apart, they concern a family of characters that are introduced in A Woman Scorned and are followed up by A Woman of Virtue.

Thick books full of detail and a lot of set up, it takes some work to get in to both books.  And in true Carlyle fashion, when you do you are rewarded with hot love making scenes and lots of action.

I miss the lighter side of hist-ro here, though.  Carlyle is consistently serious with dark undertones that frankly never really pay off for me.  Although readable, I find the endings the best bits, as if this is where she truly tries to craft her story.

Honestly, I skim a lot while reading Carlyle.

And the Woman Series was no exception to that rule.  Plus, I wasn’t overly crazy about the heroes and heroines, so that never helps.

As always, I suggest you try Carlyle and see if it floats your boat.  If you’re like me, maybe stop after a couple.  Or, if you are looking for something more dark and serious, you may quickly collect all of Carlyle.

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