Jane Feather: The Wedding Game

The Wedding Game

From Booklist
The Duncan sisters may have curbed their morose father’s spending, but only Chastity has to live with him in their London home at the beginning of the twentieth-century because her sisters, Prudence and Constance, from The Bride Hunt and The Bachelor List are each happily married. To generate income, the sisters produce a newspaper and act as matchmakers. Chastity meets a prospective client, Dr. Douglas Farrell, who is only interested in a marriage of convenience so that his new wife can produce clients for his medical practice. She is put off by his mercenary goal, but can’t turn down a paying client. Douglas actually needs a wealthy wife to fund his true passion: helping the poor. Chastity soon realizes that there is more than meets the eye with the handsome doctor, but she has already found a rich, if annoying, woman who meets his qualifications. This is a perfect ending to a delightful trilogy, although readers will miss Feather’s fascinating and entertaining characters. Patty Engelmann

I was finally able to locate at least another one of the Duncan Sisters Trilogy after having thoroughly enjoyed the Bachelor List.  And, a credit to Feather’s writing, you get the gist of the middle book enough to sink into the story of Chastity Duncan.

This one is focused a lot on mistaken impressions, so if that sort of plot drives you insane stay away!  I like the deviation from my steady diet of Regency routs, however, and so drank in the Edwardian (thanks Evangeline, I was tired when I wrote this) details with gusto.  I like the spunky Duncan sisters, and like the men that love them better.

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