Regency Sex Symbols: The Duke of Wellington

Oh, baby.

A dapper dresser (called “The Beau by his officers), tireless, arrogant, and known to break out into spontaneous dance (when he heard news of Napolean’s defeat he started to dance the flamenco), Wellington is all that is delicious about the Regency man.

Born in Ireland into a prominent family, after his education Arthur Wellesley rose to the ranks in the British Army first as an aide-de-camp to Lords Lieutenant of Ireland, then as a Col. in Holland and India.  By the time Old Boney started his business, he became a general, and after Napolean’s defeat was granted his Dukedom.

A staunch Tory, Wellington was twice PM and nicknamed the “Iron Duke” after an incident with a pro-reform mob.  Finally, before his death in 1852 he reigned as Commander-in-Chief of the British Army.

for more information on this Regency Sex Symbol, check out this great resource:

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