Alexandra Benedict: Too Great a Temptation


Book One of the Too series, it is the second I have read from Alexandra Benedict.  Here is the plot: ”

A lord so sinful he is dubbed the “Duke of Rogues,” Damian Westmore lives for pleasure—until the day his brother dies at the hands of pirates. Abandoning the libertine life to pursue revenge, Damian finds the criminals he seeks and joins their crew in disguise, waiting for the chance to strike the brigands down. But he never imagined there would be a woman on board—or that the stunning siren would inflame the very passions Damian swore to resist until his brother’s death was avenged.

Beautiful, fiery Mirabelle Hawkins longs for the freedom of the high seas—so she stows away on her brother’s pirate ship at the first opportunity. But she finds something more exciting than chase and plunder: a bold, handsome, secretive sailor whose touch makes her tremble with desire . . . but whose love is a cutlass that could destroy all she holds dear.”

I found some of the intro a little long in the tooth, but when the action heats up its great.  I preferred the second book in the series, so start with this one to build up to the next story.

Generally, I think Alexandra Benedict is a fine hist-ro author with interesting heroes and heroines that offer a light and easy read.

One thought on “Alexandra Benedict: Too Great a Temptation

  1. WESTMORE???hahaha…Westmoreland…i think westmoreland was one of the characters of Judith Mcnaught…no sure though but this book sound interesting…

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