Anne Mallory: The Bride Price

The Bride Price cover

Oh, my.

This book is on fire.

And like all good fires, its a little slow to heat up.  But stick with it, and you will feel the warm flames in no time.

Anne Mallory’s latest release The Bride Price is another example of why she is a rising star of hist-ro.  Unique characters, an interesting (and different) plot, and beautiful imagery.  When I read Anne Mallory, rather than skimming over descriptive passages (guilty!) I actually sink into the scene.  There is something short, sweet and strong about the way she describes surroundings that makes you feel like you are there.

And then their is The Bride Price‘s hero.  The devilish bad boy rake who has a sensitive side and really knows how to deliver (dry quips, sultry glances, and female pleasure).

The heroine is also a sassy world-weary matron who knows how to deliver (elbows, mostly).

Although I did have difficulty with the first ten chapters being a little too slow, I stuck with it and was thrilled that I did.  The Bride Price is one of those books that surprises you, and promises to be a friendly re-read with further secrets to discover.

Keep it up, Anne Mallory!

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