Suzanne Enoch: Something Sensibly Sinful?

Sin and Sensibility reminds me of Eloisa James’ Pleasure for Pleasure if only because the hero is so deliciously debauched.  There is something about those rakehell heroes that thrills my heart to read them reformed.  They do say that women love bad boys, and I confess (at least when reading hist-ro) I am guilty as charged.

The sister of a Duke wants to shed her mask of respectability and enjoy a little freedom.   Valentine Corbett, an unlikely friend of the stuffy Duke, is set to the task of keeping tabs on Nell.  Naturally, its a recipe for scandal.  But who would guess that the hellion Valentine would be sensible, while the debutante Nell be so sinful….

Something Sinful is the third book in this series (couldn’t find the second, blasted bookshop!) and features Nell’s big brother Charlemagne.  More focused on business than pleasure, Shay isn’t prepared to fall headlong for a slip of a girl fresh off the boat from India (and with the business acumen to best even him!).  There is drama and danger and more than a little lighthearted flirtation.  Although Shay is not as yummy as Valentine and the heroine has a tendency to irritate me (so she’s homesick for India, but it does drag on a bit!) this was a solid extension of the Melbourne clan series.

Hopefully you will be more fortunate in your local bookshop and be able to check out the whole series.  I am off to Better Than Chocolate Books to see if I can score the remaining books!

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