Top 5 Contempo Hist-Ro Villians

We have a look at the heroes.  But what about the villians?  Here are my top 5 men you love to hate.

  1. Baron Harwood, The Bride’s Necklace (Kat Martin).  Ugh.  He’s lecherous, threatens penury…not much to like about this dude.
  2. Thomas Hint, The Flame and the Flower (Kathleen E Woodiwiss).  Even though from the 70s, this story isn’t outdated.  I’ve read it at least five times.  And each time, the mad Gollum like Thomas Hint never ceases to make me shiver in disgust.
  3. Josiah Chipple, The Devil’s Waltz (Anne Stuart).  Not only does he have terrible taste in decor, but he also made all his money off of slavery and isn’t above killing to get what he wants.
  4. Oliver Prewitt, To Catch and Heiress (Julia Quinn).  He wants not only to run through Caroline’s inheritance, but also force her to marry her icky cousin Percival.
  5. Evangeline’s Uncle, Devil in Winter (Lisa Kleypas) he wants to force Evangeline to marry her disgusting cousin, kill her, and then steal all her inheritance.  And he has kept her from her father while he was on his deathbed.

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