Anne Stuart: The Devil’s Waltz

The Honorable Miss Annelise Kempton had no idea the kind of trouble she’d get into when she accepted an invitation for a self-made man to shepherd his daughter through her first season. Particularly when Christian Montcalm, the most notorious man in London, seems undecided whether to marry Annelise’s charge for her money or seduce the staid Annelise herself. Add to that a sinister secret, naughty statues and two addle-pated young lovers, and you have the perfect recipe for high-spirited happy ever after


Having never read Anne Stuart before, I was nonetheless excited.  Sucked in by the beautiful cover, I waited with bated breath to crack open the book and be sucked into the story.

I just completed a second read (dear reader, I always do this unless its a real stinker).  And although I think the title is a little misleading (the hero really isn’t devilish, more charmingly naughty) I liked this story of unlikely love.

There is action, a real villian, travel and premarital romping.  Taking place mostly outside of the ballrooms and routs, the real meat of the story is in the attraction and tension between our heroine and hero.

Definitely worth a perusal!

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