Regency Dish: Pyes…

Delicious, flaky pasties stuffed with all sorts of yum yum filling.

Vegan Meat Pie 01 Pengo.jpg (This one is vegan!)

From the Art of Cookery, a list of all sorts of pies one might encounter in England (from pubs to crofters…even gentry may sup on a tasty pasty!)  Here are some savory treats:

  1. Artichoke pye
  2. Sweet egg pye
  3. Potato pye
  4. Onion pye
  5. Foal pye
  6. Eel pye
  7. Flounder pye
  8. Herring pye
  9. Salmon pye
  10. Lobster pye
  11. Lent minc pye

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