The Essex Sisters Series: Eloisa James

One of my favorite hist-ro series is Eloisa James’ The Essex Sisters quartet.  Highly recommended for their humor, lovable characters and fabulous romance (and sizzling scenes), James weaves into her Regency time period contemporary issues like alcoholism and grief with a masterful touch.

We first meet the Essex sisters with Much Ado About You, Tess’ story.

As the eldest sister, Tess knows that she must make a brilliant match to help overcome the challenges in the wake of her father’s passing.

From Scotland, the girls travel to their new home…stranger the Duke of Holbrook had committed sight unseen to being named ward of the girls.  He’s expecting children, and is surprised to meet four young ladies with nothing more than the horse each has been bequeathed as dowry.

Annabel is the spoiled and vain sister who finds herself unluckily wed to a penniless earl who is taking her back to Scotland (a place she would prefer to never go to again!).

Taming the Duke is a lovely story involving long lost brothers. (I don’t want to spoil the series by revealing too much, but this one is great!)

And finally, the youngest Essex sister has her own surprising adventure in one of my all time favorite hist-ros, Pleasure for Pleasure (which I have read at least five times and will probably read five more!)

Although characters in these series originally pop up in earlier books, this is a great place to start if you are new to Eloisa James.  The heroines and heroes are human, warmly written and ultimately identifiable (and lovable!).

James shines at her craft here, and sets a high standard for her contemporaries.

I recommend purchasing the whole set and blazing through them.  You will find yourself returning again and again to enjoy these stories and Eloisa James!

Much Ado About You
Kiss Me Annabel
The Taming of the Duke
Pleasure for Pleasure

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