Regency Dish: On the Menu

Often times in the pages of hist-ro, I see the same menu again and again.  How many veal medallions and partridges could these people really eat?!  Therefore, in my musings and explorations of all things hist-ro, I decided to do a little research and start a new weekly post…Regency Dish!  Here I will supply you, oh faithful hist-ro reader, with typical menus and even some recipes to try at home (why not have a Regency dinner party for your girlfriends!).

On todays menu:

French Pottage (Duck Soup): Similar to homemade chicken soup.  Duck stock filled with carrots, cabbage, white wine, anchovies, duck and parsley.

If you are like me, you love your soup with a little sandwich.  You might try the Welsh Rarebit (rabbit) which is essentially a grilled cheese.

Mix sharp melted cheese with a bit of cream, dry mustard, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to taste and serve on toast or crackers.

And for dessert, a little almond cheesecake (made in much the same way as modern style cheesecake).


And, in honor of my very modern head cold, I may consider taking the Regency Recipe: salt of ammonia, salt Peter, balsam, sweet almond oil and water.

On second thought, I think I will settle for mom’s remedy of fluids, Vicks Vapor Rub, and a lot of rest.

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