Victoria Alexander: Seduction of a Proper Gentlemen

I am now convinced that Victoria Alexander might write some of the best love scenes (making love, that is) around.  Evidence: Seduction of a Proper Gentlemen.

Its a delightful country romp with a bit of magic and amnesia mixed in to throw our hero and heroine together.  And although I think the title should have been Seduction by a Proper Lady, it is nonetheless entertaining to watch the characters collide with a panache unique to Alexander.

The final book in her Last Man Standing series (gentlemen who make a tontine to see who is the last to wed), it displays the warm humor, mystery and conflict that are expertly developed throughout the series.

I love the portrayal of Lady Norcroft, our hero’s mother.  And I also love that our heroine, although missing her memories, decides that she is a little vain, a bit of a tart, good at golf (unheard of for women), and most definitely desirious of seducing the suspicious Lord Norcroft.

Well worth a cozy nights read.

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