Julia Quinn: Mr. Cavendish, I Presume

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume

So I didn’t exactly rush out to get it after the disappointment of The Lost Duke, but it was inevitable that I would stick by my love of Julia Quinn and pick up Mr. Cavendish, I Presume.  And upon reflection, I wished I had waited even longer, so that I might forget the details of the first book, leaving the Duke well lost.

Mr. Cavendish tells the story from another perspective, the unlost Duke of Wyndham.  The focal characters of this book heroine Amelia and hero Thomas were the only real interesting part of the The Lost Duke.  However, as the story unfolds almost exactly within the same timeline as the Lost Duke, and many of the scenes are repeated (as they have to be to explain the plot and character dilemmas), my interest was not challenged.

Amelia and Thomas are betrothed in the cradle, and have since had little interaction although they are neighbors.  However, Amelia decides that she is getting a little long in the tooth and is ready to at least get to know her fiance.  The real impetus to the romance is that  Thomas is undergoing a life altering catastrophe whilst Amelia is seeking out chances to learn more about the stodgy Duke.

I like this book, and wished that I didn’t have the sour taste in my mouth of The Lost Duke to color my impression of it.

For those wise enough to steer clear where I tread, pick this one up and forget its part of a series, forget about the other characters, and simply enjoy the humor and light touch that is classic Julia Quinn.

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