Kat Martin: Heartless

An accomplished rogue.

An innocent young woman.

Love wasn’t part of the bargain…

She isn’t really all that innoccent, and he is more like the cynical bitter rogue.  Slow to heat up, the last 100 pages are well worth slogging through the intro of Heartless.

This book actually inspires real caring and emotion over the characters, mostly because they surprise you at every turn with their actions…I was expecting one reaction and then was happily awarded with something far less stereotypical.

Kat Martin loves the baddies, and they are present in Heartless.  But far more compelling is the very real love story between the Hero and Heroine.

I also love that our Heroine is good at math (damn Barbie!).

While the love scenes aren’t quite up to kinky Kat’s standards, the love story is one to be cherished, and will make you look at your own partner with fonder eyes….

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