Jenna Petersen: Desire Never Dies

Desire Never Dies

Part of her Lady Spies series, Jenna Petersen’s Desire Never Dies unravels as Anastasia Whittig is forced into spy field work with the sexy, daring Lucas Tyler.


She’s nursing big wounds and shrouded in a long and lengthy mourning.  He’s cocky and unconvinced that the code-cracking desk jockey agent, Anastasia, will do anything but hinder the mission.

In turn, Anastasia is sparked into action and anger by his protests.

Somehow, I always end up gravitating to the exciting world of hist-ro female spies.  Its a refreshing diversion from the norm, and you know you are going to be greeted by a heroine with a little meat (character) on her bones.

Jenna Petersen delivers.  Desire Never Dies is filled with enough action, romance, reputation compromising, and internal conflict to please the most finicky of hist-ro readers.

While I haven’t yet gotten my hands on the other books in this series, I look forward to reading about Anastasia’s friends and partners in spy.

Here is a little excerpt:

“Lucas looked from Charles Isley to the woman.  He didn’t know who this bloodtained beauty was, coming at him with trembling fists and brown eyes shining with tears and accusations.  And he certainly didn’t know what she was prattling on about.  He was just as shocked about the attack on Emily Redgrave as anyone.  But clearly this stranger knew something about Emily’s position as spy, or Isley wouldn’t have revealed so much information in front of her.”

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