Kat Martin: The Necklace Series

The beautiful necklace is rumored to bestow great fortune on those with a true heart, and terrible demise on those who have ill intentions.

Kat Martin’s Necklace Series is full of action, baddies, and conflict embroiled lovin’.

There is a formula to these books: the hero has his own beliefs about the heroine which are not true, conflict over misinterpretations ensues, baddies get in the way of the lovers, and then there is resolution where truth is revealed.  Dani takes off to America to marry a man when her former love chases her down to exact revenge.  Grace is lifted off a ship onto the Captain schooner and finds herself subjected to inquiries and innuendos.  And on the run from a lecherous step father, Tory poses as a housekeeper as she and her sister seek shelter in the Earl of Brant’s London household.

I enjoyed this series, as I have enjoyed many of Kat Martin’s book, although I have consistently found her books take some work to get enmeshed in (recently, I decided to abandon a Martin book altogether, finding it too slow).  They all enjoy a conflict of representation as their central focal point, so its enjoyable to watch characters negotiating around this.  While none of them will leave you overfull, there is a satisfying crunch to Martin’s books.

There are very strong sexual plot lines in these books (seduction as revenge, etc) so best left to those readers with an appetite (or strong stomach) for sex scenes.

The Bride's Necklace, Historical Romance by Kat Martin

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