One Little Sin, Two Little Lies: Liz Carlyle

One Little Sin Two Little Lies Three Little Secrets

I haven’t read Three Little Secrets yet, but don’t plan on rushing out to my favorite used book stores or surfing Better Than Chocolate Books anytime soon for it.

In the past I have raved about Liz Carlyle’s series.  Unfortunately, this one did very little for me.

And more unfortunately is that I can’t really pinpoint what was unsatisfying about the duo.  The plot, in combination with the characters was maybe a little too neat?  Actually, maybe a bit too long.

The action takes forever.  As in most romance novels, you know the heroine and hero are going to end up together.  The interesting bit is how it unravels.  Half way through the books, I didn’t really care, I just wanted it to be over with.

Carlyle tries to spice things up with two unusual characters: an impoverished Scot and a fiery Italian soprano.  But without any real depth of character, it falls flat.

I wouldn’t say stay away from the series, you might very well indeed have a different reaction to what I found to be boring.

A real shame, because Carlyle was fast becoming a fave.

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