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My second novella in the Harrington House Party Series….Last Chance for Love!

Last Chance for Love Meet Maddie.  An independent woman running her own large estate.  An enviable, yet lonely position.  Secrets from the past have captured her in a web too great to overcome.  A chance to escape her mountain of responsibilities comes in the way of an invitation…and uncharacteristically, Maddie seizes on the chance.

Geoffrey is an uninvited guest with an infamous reputation.  All he wants is a few minutes of his stodgy older brother, the Earl of Manners, time.  But catching him in a good mood is critical.  Meanwhile, he falls head over heels for a beautiful faerie in the shape of fierce and serious Miss Madeline Stanich.

A surprise encounter unleashes a passion.  But as the past threatens to tear the pair apart, more surprises show up on the horizon.  Will Maddie’s last hope for love finally come true?

A little mild passion, but tamer than full length novels (ie no sex scenes).  I love these characters and think they are an unusual, but wonderful couple!

Enjoy their story exclusively through Lulu at a very special debut price (because we all know how critical debuts are!):

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