Whitney, My Love: Judith McNaught

Whitney, My Love Raised by a cold-hearted father, the wild and wildly infatuated Whitney is sent away to France to be “finished” by her Aunt and Uncle.  Under their kind and loving care, Whitney is allowed to blossom into a woman who has looks, wit, and is widely considered an Original.  Faithful to the memory of her first love, Whitney shuns a plethora of marriage offers, including one from the sexy, loyal Nick.

When she returns to England to snare the boy who has captured her heart, she learns that she is only home to ready for marriage to the rakehellion Duke of Claymore…a man Whitney detests upon sight.  She then schemes in a Scarlet O’Hara ala Regency way to escape the Duke’s clutches and fall into the hands of her Paul.

Whitney, My Love is a saga of epic proportions spanning years, continents and just about every emotion.  Our hero and heroine have real Darcy and Elizabeth qualities that hist-ro readers will love.  A little pride and prejudice make for wonderful emotional tension that helps to move along the storyline as love blossoms.  On the second read, I found myself once again lost in Whitney’s world…angry with Claymore for his interference, stupified that she would crush on such a milksop, and enchanted by her Season in Paris.

Whitney is the ultimate heroine…full of flaws.  She also has a spirit that makes her irresistible, not only to the men of the ton, but to the reader.

Judith McNaught has surprised me time and time again with her wonderful novels.  I enjoy McNaught’s books because they are substantial (lots of pages), and they also leave me feeling satisfied.  (Rather than a more typical reaction of reaching the last page, and then throwing the book down saying “That was sappy.”)

Whitney, My Love is the ultimate of McNaught’s hist-ro novels and one that can be read time and time again.

I look forward to another read, and hope I have encourage you to give it a first.

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