More on the Lost Duke

So, I decided to fish around the wide sea of the www and check out what other readers are saying about Quinn’s latest the Lost Duke of Wyndham.

To my surprise, some folks actually thought it was awesome!

Thankfully for my sanity, however, there were plenty of bad reviews to balance out the good ones. And the bad reviews really reflected my own thoughts about the book.

Rookie mistakes. As if Quinn had just read the beginners guide to romance novels and decided to tap away.

I don’t want to belabor the point, because I have loved everything else Julia Quinn has done.

But really, people? You thought the poorly drawn characters with only hints of backstory were good? You thought the boring story arc was good?


Makes me scratch my head.

But also, obviously a lesson. You can’t please everyone. And people are going to have very different reactions to the same material.

I suppose I should’ve figured that one out with Loretta Chase.

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