Pirates, Anyone? Johanna Lindsey

The theme of this month seems to be cross-dressing hoydens.  Therefore, I present to you an evaluation of the Mallory series.  One of the best, in my humble opinion, hist-ro series about pirates and the women who love them.

There is something about a Mallory man.  He is big, beautiful and a sex-pot.  He takes what he wants.  In other words, he is delicious and comes out of the page to wrestle with your heart.

Take Gentle Rogue.  George wants desperately to get home and so stows away on a ship dressed as a boy.  But the Captain James Mallory has other plans…you guessed it!  Loving on the high seas.

Tender Rebel has one of the most memorable love scenes in the history of hist-ro…I read it almost ten years ago and still vividly recall the hot, steamy scene.

But, don’t get the notion that these books are merely Quality because of the sex.

Lindsey has a quick and witty writing style that not only makes it highly re-readable, but also a rapid page turner.  The action is in the sub, and the majority of her writing focuses on strong emotional conflict.  There is nothing quite like Lindsey to dispense with silly scenes and cut to the heart of the romance…the stuff that interests readers most.

There are larger than life characters (yes, with larger than life hot bods) going through extreme circumstances that are a reflection of everyone’s struggles with love and family.

Plus, you get to spend some time aboard pirate ships, which personally I think is the best.

Malory-Anderson Family Saga Series

  1. Love Only Once (1985)
  2. Tender Rebel (1988)
  3. Gentle Rogue (1990)
  4. The Magic of You (1993)
  5. Say You Love Me (1996)
  6. The Present (1998)
  7. A Loving Scoundrel (2004)
  8. Captive of My Desires (2006)
  9. No Choice But Seduction (2008)

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