Top Ten Ways You Know You Read Too Much Hist-Ro

1.  You use the expression “havey-cavey” in an e-mail.

2.  You start to crave cups of tea.

3.  You read the paper, scanning for the latest on-dit.

4.  You wonder if you would have been a Diamond of the First Water.

5.  You begin to feel your clothes are not in the first stare of fashion.

6.  You beg your love to take you on a horse drawn carriage ride.

7.  You eschew showers for luxuriating in the bath.  But of course, you wear your chemise and drawers.

8.  You start referring to everyone (even your family) by formal address.

9.  You ring for the majordomo.

10.  You long to escape to the country estate.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways You Know You Read Too Much Hist-Ro

  1. Anne-

    That is hilarious!! I wonder if we would have been “Diamonds of the First Water.” As I say that wearing my worn out capri’s- I think, probably not!

    Better Than Chocolate Book Co.

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