Shannon Drake: Beguiled

Purchased on a daring whim, I quickly fell in love with Shannon Drake (pen name for bestselling author and vaBeguiledmpire genre master Heather Graham). Drake’s precise, no nonsense approach to romance will be appreciated by lovers of hist-ro as a refreshing change of pace and die hard history buffs who love political intrigue will enjoy Beguiled.

Interspersed with romance, a highwayman, and an independent heroine, Beguiled is filled with a tense political climate that is more than just a backdrop for romance.

Although I didn’t like The Queen’s Lady, (actually couldn’t read past the first twenty pages), Beguiled prompted me to also read Reckless Reckless, which is a favorite involving Egyptology, adventure and romance.

Graham (aka Drake)’s books are well researched and her characters are often charming and witty in a movie way (like we’d like to be in life but can’t quite manage).

I’m on the lookout for Wicked and will give a full Drake report as soon as I find it!


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