A Perfect Bride (Samantha James): Book Review

Pygmalion story.  My favorite of all the great plot lines/myths of Western culture.

And while a considerable effort, I am not sure Samantha James is quite as incomparable as Avon pitches her.

There’s a hokey ending, which has a high sugar content but is critical for the story to be even remotely believable.  And there is the hero who is perhaps not quite as developed as he should be.

And then there is the meat of the book…the transformation.  This is where it really takes a dedication to hist-ro to slog through…its just boring.  None of the delicious tension or witty banter.

But at least she tries.  And tries.

That’s all I am going to say.  You give it a whirl for yourself, and if you’re like me you’ll pull it from your stack when you’re out of newbies.  Dust it off, and dive in as your toes touch the water of the tub.

And then, if you’re like me, you’ll fling it aside in regret of your choice and decide that you’d rather close your eyes and tell your own stories.  Because A Perfect Bride is a less than perfect evening companion.

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