The Pink Carnation Spy Series: Lauren Willig

Blending contemporary with historical romance (heavy on the spy/academic detecting), Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series is a must read for those who love a light hearted, romantic suspense.  Plus, finding this in the “literature” section of most major booksellers means that your husband (if like mine) won’t roll his eyes at you “buying another romance book.”

It all starts with modern day historian Eloise Kelly on the trail of the elusive Pink Carnation.  Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Pink Carnation has been a critical spy in England’s war against Napolean.  Not only that, its rumoured that there are female spies a foot.

The subsequent three books follow the characters introduced in the first book, and are well worth picking up as a set, as you will find yourself engrossed, and longing to know what happens to Eloise not only in her quest but also in her love life.

Here is a brief excerpt from The Deception of the Emerald Ring, the third book in the series.

“Having staked out my desk, I made for the computer station at the front of the room.  I might know who the Pink Carnation was, but I stood a better chance of making my case to a skeptical academic audience if I could definitely link many, if not all, the Pink Carnation’s recorded exploits to…”

Although a little pricer than your average hist-ro, you will find it well worth it as you delve into the world of spies, swordfighting, and love.

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