Liz Carlyle

So, I keep forgetting to add someone who I think has potential to my want list when trading with my book buddy.

Liz Carlyle.  Remember that, Mom.

Especially since this is soon to happen:

Never Romance a Rake

Book 3 July 2008,

I read Never Deceive a Duke and although did not become a Carlyle convert, certainly found my interest piqued.  Especially because I found the ending particularly satisfying: not just your run of the mill epilogue with rug rats running around while the hero and heroine engage in heavy lip lock.

I could have done without the flashbacks in italics, but overall the characters were well developed and the scenes interesting enough that you could tell Liz didn’t construct it by a paint by numbers kit.

Its especially good for those who love a nice villian and an especially tortuous childhood episode that haunts the pages until all is revealed.

I’ll keep you updated as I read more of the series.

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