Her Master and Commander: Book Review

Her Master and Commander

Ever since I put down Linda Lael Miller’s Pirates, I have been enamoured of the historical romance featuring pirates. Funnily enough, there are not often common. And worse, most are devoid of the magic of Miller’s piratical journey.

I was drawn in by the cover of Karen Hawkins’ Her Master and Commander as well as the title. Seemed to meet my three requirements (see review of Celeste Bradley), and not only was the hero a former pirate but he was also soon to be a peer.

Yet from the first few chapters, my mind started to drift as I read.  Too much exposition, not enough real inner conflict to make the love story interesting.  The idea of training each other in their given specialities (manners and sex) should make for a delicious page turner.  But unfortunately, the dialogue is a little too on the nose.

Definitely not a book I will re-read.

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