Sabrina Jeffries: To Pleasure a Prince

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I like Sabrina Jeffries.  I read several of her School for Heiresses books and enjoyed them.  So I decided to try out the  Prince series.

Snore.  Snore.  Oh, am I awake?

Okay, that’s mean and uncritical.

But seriously, this is one of the only romance novels that I actually could not finish.  No matter how hard I tried.  Maybe its because I don’t dream about Prince Charming…I rather like my heros flawed and rugged, and maybe a bit Darcy-ish.  Maybe its because I wanted to slap the heroine around.

Actually, it was the backstory that really got in the way for me.  There were too many quasi political backdrop scenes that weren’t even skimable.  I like context as well as the next gal, but too much of it derails us from the meat of a romance.

And somehow, the excessive subplots made the whole thing unbelievable.

I recommend to steer clear of this book, and probably the whole series.

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