New Favorite Author: Celeste Bradley

Having run out of the old standby authors, I was in desperate search of someone new to read. Usually, I look for three things when scoping out a new author: 1. Do they have more than one book, preferably a series? 2. Is it set in Regency England or close enough? 3. What does the cover look like?

I confess, the last of my criteria is a bit fickle. But for an occasional bus reader, I’d really rather not display a cover with too much in the way of heaving chests and torn off clothes.

So Celeste Bradley seemed like a win, because she matched all three of my requirements.

I found the Duke Next Door first, and gave it a read. And I really liked it. Completed the series, and fell in love.

Next, I read her spy related series:


Which was wonderful!

I can’t wait to get her third series, and also keep an eye out.

I definitely recommend for historical romance readers who like a little intrigue with their love. But be forewarned, there are sex scenes! The spy series is rife with sometimes graphic sex, so not for the faint of heart.

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