Lisa Kleypas: Author Review

You may recognize Lisa Kleypas for her contemporary romance. But she also has a veritable garden of historical (usually Victorian) romances which are worth checking out for those lazy days of summer.

Although much more fun to read in a series, her four season/Wallflowers series books each stand alone as wonderful romances…two even featuring American heroines that invade the ton, and set tongues wagging over their brash behavior. Overall, the books central thread is that all four heroines are ballroom wallflowers until they form a pack to help each other snag husbands.

The book covers below are out of order, so when in hunt for them, just remember it starts with the summer and ends with the spring.

Most love the more traditional story of Secrets of a Summer Night, but personally I adore It Happened One Autumn. The loud mouth American with a gift of smelling meets haughty, aristocrat. Yes! Recipe for disaster…and for a great love story.

I have read about half of Kleypas’ other historical romances and found them all to be filled with charming characters and good emotional conflict.

Suddenly You has a virginal spinster propositioning a rakehell for a sensual education, Then Came You has a spunky, “ruined” spitfire doing battle with the dragon of her sister’s fiance.

Kleypas’ characters tend to be outcasts, weirdos, and shameful women who pursue their duty and desire through unique, alternative methods. I like that they aren’t the cookie cutter wilting flowers. And although it may be a truly “romantic” take on the Victorian women, its much easier to relate to these women than those created by authors focusing on historical accuracy.

New York Times Bestseller!
Lisa Kleypas The Devil in Winter
The Devil in Winter
Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas
Scandal in Spring
New York Times Bestseller!
Secrets of a Summer Night
Secrets of a Summer Night
It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas
It Happened One Autumn

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